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Trayvon / Zimmerman More FACTS trickle out….

May 18, 2012


ABC News reports that Trayvon Martin, the black teenager who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on Feb. 26, had drugs in his body on the night of his death:

The autopsy report shows traces of the drug THC, which is found in marijuana, in Martin’s blood and urine.

On the infamous 911 call that Zimmerman made to police, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin looked like he was “on drugs or something.”

That suspicion–which was twisted by the left and the mainstream media as part of an attempt to accuse Zimmerman of acting on racist motives–has been confirmed.

ABC News also reports injuries to Martin that supports Zimmerman’s contention that there was a physical struggle between the two young men:

The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Martin during a struggle that landed Zimmerman on his back, Martin straddling him and banging Zimmerman’s head on the ground.

Martin’s autopsy report also revealed that there was a quarter-inch by half-inch abrasion on the left fourth finger of Martin, another indication of a possible struggle.

In contrast to early media reports that described Zimmerman as “white,” he is now described by ABC as “a multi-racial Hispanic man.”

More recent revelations

George Zimmerman had a broken nose

George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes, cuts on the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, according to medical records compiled by his doctor, ABC News reports.

Trayvon’s father acknowledged it was not Trayvon screaming for help on the 911 tape.

Among the evidence was an audio interview of Zimmerman’s father, Robert, in the Seminole state attorney’s office March 19. The father, under oath, says the person crying for help on the 911 tape is “absolutely, positively George Zimmerman.”
“That was George and he was not just yelling, he sounded like he was screaming for his life,” the elder Zimmerman said.
Serino said that on Feb. 28, he played the 911 tapes for Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father.
“I asked Mr. Martin if the voice calling for help was that of his son. Mr. Martin, clearly emotionally impacted by the recording, quietly responded ‘no.’ “

The information list above is found at the END of the following story….

This post is NOT meant to dimish the shooting, tragic loss of life, or prematurely judge the actions of either party, BEFORE the evidence is collected and analyzed by law enforcement & the court system.

Rather it is meant to highlight the duplicitous nature of the numerous “activists”, commentators, “experts”, our nation’s leaders top leaders, government officials, nationally televised networks, print, and social media outlets selection of if, when, or how and/or how “accurately” to cover such events.


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