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Wrapping up reporting on Sandra Fluke

March 11, 2012

You either want the government involved, or you don’t. Choose wisely…
“But wait, there’s more!”

Published March 09, 2012 | O’Reilly Factor | Bill O’Reilly
By Bill O’Reilly
For six days we have been telling you that the 30-year-old Georgetown law student has become a major player in the presidential election.

Last night we reported that she is now being handled pro bono, for free, by the PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, which is good because Sandra doesn’t have enough money to buy birth control pills as we know.

But there is more to Sandra’s story than just contraception. Right now she’s on spring break in California with her boyfriend, who is the son of Democratic stalwart William Mutterperl. He has made at least 56 donations to Democratic candidates or organizations. Nothing wrong with that; I’m just pointing it out.

Ms. Fluke herself seems to be a sincere woman. She worked here in New York City helping at risk families and she is devoted to liberal causes. Again, nothing wrong with that; sincere constructive activism is good.

But as I told “The View” ladies yesterday, the whole ObamaCare mandating contraception business is a huge canard. Ms. Fluke can afford to go on vacation, can fly coast to coast to appear on “The View,” although ABC might have picked up that tab. She can dress very well. She gets all over the place.

But she doesn’t have $9 bucks a month for pills? Come on. This story is really about the nanny state and the imposition of a huge federal apparatus on all Americans.

When the Catholic bishops challenged the nanny state on moral grounds, the White House got nervous.
And the women’s health play began to ramp up. Of course that’s when Sandra Fluke suddenly appeared. Popping up at congressional hearings, showing up in the media. Polls show President Obama’s poll numbers among women now on the rise and he has Ms. Fluke to thank for that.

If you don’t pay close attention to this story it looks like President Obama is simply helping out a young woman under siege but again, that’s not what’s going on here. The election in November will be between the Democratic Party, which wants a nanny state and the Republic Party which does not. You the voter have a very important decision to make.

By the way last month, February, the U.S.A. ran up the biggest deficit ever; $229 billion dollars was added to the national debt in 29 days. For that, we can thank the poor economy and the ever growing nanny state. We can also thank folks like Sandra Fluke who desperately want it.
And that’s “The Memo.”


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