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Media Matters talking points occupy MSNBC

February 17, 2012

Reports that Media Matters for America’s (MMfA) campaign to attack Fox News and other news outlets has an ally in Fox competitor MSNBC are evidenced in multiple examples of MSNBC hosts using MMfA material in segments for their shows.

Just in recent weeks, there have been several examples. Two MSNBC hosts who have recently, and regularly, used the organization’s content for their programming are Ed Schultz of “The ED Show” and Al Sharpton of “PoliticsNation.”

While they vary, the most popular targets have been Fox News personalities and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Read more: There are 4 pages to the article….

So Media Matters are they a non-profit progressive research organization, or are they a political action committee?

Are there “journalists” at MSNBC or is journalism dead?

Do these questions concern anyone?

I am not advocating silencing these voices rather, I’m simply suggesting they not hide behind a false facade…


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