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Boys and their Toys

November 7, 2011

The price of our hobbies

I know you get complaints from your significant other regarding the expense of your hobbies (I do).

My Hobbies– AFTER the cost of entry, there are always ongoing expenses:

      ·         Boating: Taxes, License, Storage, Maintenance, Gas, Oil, Batteries, etc.
      ·         Fishing: Rods, Reels, Line, Lures, Bait, License, etc.
      ·         Shooting Sports: Club Fees, Range Fees, Ammunition, Cleaning Supplies, etc.
      ·         Photography: Lenses, Memory Cards, Batteries, Photo Development, Framing, Software, etc.
      ·         Computers: Backup drives, Software, Memory upgrades,  Larger monitors, routers, etc.
      ·         Oh, and you NEVER hear the end of it, if you want to expand any of your collection

Guys, next time you hear similar complaints about the expense of your hobbies tell her about this:

I saw this car parked at Velox Motorworks in Brownsburg the other day.

This is a Saleen S7 2 seat twin turbo supercar ( I am unsure of the year )

Initial purchase price approximately $675,000 it is a one owner car.
Body is comprised of exotic materials– carbon fiber, & aluminum
Engine 7.0 liter V-8 Twin Turbo 750 hp at time of purchase

Miles driven to date: Approximately 3500

Licensed in Colorado, driven in Calgary Alberta, Canada
Raced all over the world including New Zealand
Used in road racing and setting land speed records for vehicles of this class.
The owner blew an engine attempting a land speed record at a Calgary air force base @ 240+ mph
The owner had the car shipped from Calgary to Brownsburg for repairs.
The car is “road ready” after 8 months in Velox Motorwork’s shop.

This is the sixth engine which has been placed in this car.

This engine is a custom twin turbo aluminum block with cast iron sleeves, and as it sits creates 1000+ reliable HP.  Velox also upgraded the wiring, engine computer, engine software, among other things.

The engineer I spoke to said it would produce more for “short bursts”.

Velox is aware the owner has invested approximately $300,000 of additional hardware / repairs since the car was purchased.
Those costs do NOT include “routine & ongoing expenses” global shipping, transportation costs, entry fees, “scheduled maintenance” of oil, filters, suspension components, clutch, brakes, tires (tires alone hover around $550 a piece).
You do the math.  WHATEVER you’re into costs the equivalent of lunch at White Castles by comparison.  Tell her things could be worse, and you’d like a little more understanding.
Additional Pictures Follow:


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