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August 16, 2011

Stop coddling the super-rich, Warren Buffett says

Billionaire Warren Buffett urged U.S. lawmakers Monday to raise taxes on the country’s super-rich to help cut the budget deficit, saying such a move will not hurt investments. (Reposted from an MSNBC Article with out permission).
Common Sense Isn’t Response:
There is nothing stopping him (or anyone else) from contributing more dollars to the U.S. government right this very minute. No changes in tax laws are needed. If anyone including our country’s super-rich feel so moved, simply write the government a check which represents any additional monies you feel you can afford or would be mandated to contribute by legislative act.  
( Let Mr. Buffett be the first and lead by example ).
This can be done immediately, no “ACT OF CONGRESS” required.
Simply put, our country does NOT face a REVENUE PROBLEM, we face a SPENDING PROBLEM…..The sooner as a nation we recognize that, the sooner we start working together to solve the REAL problems we all face.
Astonishingly, I have had this comment removed by Facebook Friends who by their actions (deleting this response) apparently disagree with this position, that is fine I am O.K. with that. But it concerns me that rather than support and discuss their position (based on facts) it is simply easier to delete the opposing viewpoint.
What did Arsenio Hall used to say– “Kinda makes you stop and think… HHhhmmmmmm…”

Perhaps they should read the post listed below….


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