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How your representative voted on the debt limit bill

August 2, 2011

How your representative voted on the debt limit bill, copied with out permission from an article posted in today’s USA TODAY.

CLICK HERE to find original article

Your tax dollars at work

Please make a note of this, in the event there is an attempt to misrepresent the truth during the next election.

Sorted in State Sequence
Name Party State Vote
Sewell, Terri D AL Yes
Ross, Mike D AR Yes
Giffords, Gabrielle D AZ Yes
Grijalva, Raul D AZ No
Pastor, Ed D AZ No
Bass, Karen D CA Yes
Becerra, Xavier D CA No
Berman, Howard D CA Yes
Capps, Lois D CA Yes
Cardoza, Dennis D CA No
Chu, Judy D CA No
Costa, Jim D CA Yes
Davis, Susan D CA Yes
Eshoo, Anna D CA Yes
Farr, Sam D CA No
Filner, Bob D CA No
Garamendi, John D CA Yes
Hahn, Janice D CA No
Honda, Michael D CA No
Lee, Barbara D CA No
Lofgren, Zoe D CA No
Matsui, Doris D CA No
McNerney, Jerry D CA No
Miller, George D CA No
Napolitano, Grace D CA No
Pelosi, Nancy D CA Yes
Richardson, Laura D CA No
Roybal-Allard, Lucille D CA No
Sanchez, Linda D CA No
Sanchez, Loretta D CA Yes
Schiff, Adam D CA Yes
Sherman, Brad D CA Yes
Speier, Jackie D CA Yes
Stark, Fortney D CA No
Thompson, Mike D CA Yes
Waters, Maxine D CA No
Waxman, Henry D CA No
Woolsey, Lynn D CA No
DeGette, Diana D CO No
Perlmutter, Ed D CO Yes
Polis, Jared D CO Yes
Courtney, Joe D CT Yes
DeLauro, Rosa D CT No
Himes, Jim D CT Yes
Larson, John D CT No
Murphy, Christopher D CT No
Carney, John D DE Yes
Brown, Corrine D FL No
Castor, Kathy D FL Yes
Deutch, Ted D FL Yes
Hastings, Alcee D FL No
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D FL Yes
Wilson, Frederica D FL Yes
Barrow, John D GA Yes
Bishop, Sanford D GA Yes
Johnson, Hank D GA Yes
Lewis, John D GA No
Scott, David D GA Yes
Hanabusa, Colleen D HI Yes
Hirono, Mazie D HI Yes
Boswell, Leonard D IA No
Braley, Bruce D IA No
Loebsack, David D IA No
Costello, Jerry D IL Yes
Davis, Danny D IL Yes
Gutierrez, Luis D IL Yes
Jackson, Jesse D IL No
Lipinski, Daniel D IL Yes
Quigley, Mike D IL Yes
Rush, Bobby D IL Yes
Schakowsky, Janice D IL No
Carson, Andre D IN No
Donnelly, Joe D IN Yes
Visclosky, Peter D IN No
Chandler, Ben D KY Yes
Yarmuth, John D KY No
Richmond, Cedric D LA Yes
Capuano, Michael D MA No
Frank, Barney D MA No
Keating, William D MA Yes
Lynch, Stephen D MA Yes
Markey, Edward D MA No
McGovern, James D MA No
Neal, Richard D MA No
Olver, John D MA No
Tierney, John D MA No
Tsongas, Niki D MA Yes
Cummings, Elijah D MD No
Edwards, Donna D MD No
Hoyer, Steny D MD Yes
Ruppersberger, Dutch D MD Yes
Sarbanes, John D MD No
Van Hollen, Chris D MD Yes
Michaud, Michael D ME Yes
Pingree, Chellie D ME No
Clarke, Hansen D MI No
Conyers, John D MI No
Dingell, John D MI Yes
Kildee, Dale D MI Yes
Levin, Sander D MI Yes
Peters, Gary D MI No
Ellison, Keith D MN No
McCollum, Betty D MN No
Peterson, Collin D MN Yes
Walz, Timothy D MN Yes
Carnahan, Russ D MO Yes
Clay, Lacy D MO Yes
Thompson, Bennie D MS No
Butterfield, G.K. D NC No
Kissell, Larry D NC No
McIntyre, Mike D NC No
Miller, Brad D NC No
Price, David D NC No
Watt, Melvin D NC No
Andrews, Rob D NJ Yes
Holt, Rush D NJ No
Pallone, Frank D NJ No
Pascrell, Bill D NJ Yes
Payne, Donald D NJ No
Rothman, Steven D NJ Yes
Sires, Albio D NJ Yes
Heinrich, Martin D NM Yes
Lujan, Ben D NM No
Berkley, Shelley D NV Yes
Ackerman, Gary D NY No
Bishop, Tim D NY Yes
Clarke, Yvette D NY No
Cleaver, Emanuel D NY No
Crowley, Joseph D NY No
Engel, Eliot D NY No
Higgins, Brian D NY Yes
Hochul, Kathy D NY Yes
Israel, Steve D NY Yes
Lowey, Nita D NY Yes
Maloney, Carolyn D NY No
McCarthy, Carolyn D NY Yes
Meeks, Gregory D NY Yes
Nadler, Jerrold D NY No
Owens, Bill D NY Yes
Rangel, Charles D NY No
Serrano, Jose D NY No
Slaughter, Louise D NY No
Tonko, Paul D NY No
Towns, Edolphus D NY No
Velazquez, Nydia D NY No
Fudge, Marcia D OH No
Kaptur, Marcy D OH No
Kucinich, Dennis D OH No
Ryan, Tim D OH No
Sutton, Betty D OH No
Boren, Dan D OK Yes
Blumenauer, Earl D OR No
DeFazio, Peter D OR No
Schrader, Kurt D OR Yes
Wu, David D OR Yes
Altmire, Jason D PA Yes
Brady, Robert D PA Yes
Critz, Mark D PA Yes
Doyle, Michael D PA No
Fattah, Chaka D PA Yes
Holden, Tim D PA Yes
Schwartz, Allyson D PA Yes
Cicilline, David D RI Yes
Langevin, Jim D RI Yes
Clyburn, James D SC Yes
Cohen, Steve D TN No
Cooper, Jim D TN Yes
Shuler, Heath D TN Yes
Cuellar, Henry D TX Yes
Doggett, Lloyd D TX Yes
Gonzalez, Charles D TX No
Green, Al D TX No
Green, Gene D TX Yes
Hinojosa, Ruben D TX Yes
Jackson Lee, Sheila D TX Yes
Johnson, E. B. D TX Yes
Reyes, Silvestre D TX No
Matheson, Jim D UT Yes
Connolly, Gerry D VA Yes
Moran, James D VA No
Scott, Robert D VA No
Welch, Peter D VT No
Dicks, Norman D WA Yes
Inslee, Jay D WA Yes
Larsen, Rick D WA Yes
McDermott, Jim D WA No
Smith, Adam D WA No
Baldwin, Tammy D WI No
Kind, Ron D WI Yes
Rahall, Nick Joe D WV Yes
Young, Don R AK Yes
Aderholt, Robert R AL Yes
Bachus, Spencer R AL Yes
Bonner, Jo R AL Yes
Brooks, Mo R AL No
Roby, Martha R AL No
Rogers, Mike R AL Yes
Crawford, Rick R AR Yes
Griffin, Tim R AR Yes
Womack, Steve R AR Yes
Flake, Jeff R AZ No
Gosar, Paul R AZ Yes
Quayle, Benjamin R AZ No
Schweikert, David R AZ No
Shimkus, John R AZ Yes
Bilbray, Brian R CA Yes
Bono Mack, Mary R CA Yes
Calvert, Ken R CA Yes
Campbell, John R CA Yes
Denham, Jeff R CA Yes
Dreier, David R CA Yes
Gallegly, Elton R CA Yes
Herger, Wally R CA Yes
Hunter, Duncan R CA No
Issa, Darrell R CA Yes
Lewis, Jerry R CA Yes
Lungren, Daniel E. R CA Yes
McCarthy, Kevin R CA Yes
McClintock, Tom R CA No
McKeon, Buck R CA Yes
Miller, Gary R CA Yes
Nunes, Devin R CA No
Rohrabacher, Dana R CA Yes
Royce, Ed R CA Yes
Coffman, Mike R CO Yes
Gardner, Cory R CO Yes
Lamborn, Doug R CO No
Tipton, Scott R CO No
Adams, Sandy R FL Yes
Bilirakis, Gus R FL Yes
Buchanan, Vern R FL Yes
Crenshaw, Ander R FL Yes
Diaz-Balart, Mario R FL Yes
Mack, Connie R FL No
Mica, John R FL Yes
Miller, Jeff R FL Yes
Nugent, Richard R FL Yes
Posey, Bill R FL No
Rivera, David R FL Yes
Rooney, Tom R FL Yes
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R FL Yes
Ross, Dennis R FL No
Southerland, Steve R FL No
Stearns, Cliff R FL No
Webster, Daniel R FL Yes
West, Allen R FL Yes
Young, C.W. Bill R FL Yes
Broun, Paul R GA No
Gingrey, Phil R GA No
Graves, Tom R GA No
Kingston, Jack R GA No
Price, Tom R GA Yes
Scott, Austin R GA No
Westmoreland, Lynn R GA No
Woodall, Robert R GA Yes
Latham, Tom R IA No
Labrador, Raul R ID No
Simpson, Mike R ID Yes
Biggert, Judy R IL Yes
Dold, Robert R IL Yes
Hultgren, Randy R IL No
Johnson, Timothy R IL No
Kinzinger, Aaron R IL Yes
Manzullo,Donald R IL Yes
Roskam, Peter R IL Yes
Schilling, Bobby R IL Yes
Schock, Aaron R IL Yes
Walsh, Joe R IL No
Bucshon, Larry R IN Yes
Burton, Dan R IN No
Pence, Mike R IN Yes
Rokita, Todd R IN No
Stutzman, Marlin R IN No
Young, Todd R IN Yes
Huelskamp, Tim R KS No
Jenkins, Lynn R KS Yes
Pompeo, Mike R KS Yes
Yoder, Kevin R KS No
Davis, Geoff R KY No
Guthrie, Brett R KY Yes
Rogers, Hal R KY Yes
Whitfield, Ed R KY Yes
Alexander, Rodney R LA Yes
Boustany, Charles R LA Yes
Cassidy, William R LA Yes
Fleming, John R LA No
Landry, Jeffrey R LA No
Scalise, Steve R LA No
Franks, Trent R MA No
Bartlett, Roscoe R MD Yes
Harris, Andy R MD No
Amash, Justin R MI No
Benishek, Dan R MI Yes
Camp, Dave R MI Yes
Huizenga, Bill R MI Yes
McCotter, Thaddeus R MI Yes
Miller, Candice R MI Yes
Rogers, Mike R MI Yes
Upton, Fred R MI Yes
Walberg, Tim R MI Yes
Bachmann, Michele R MN No
Cravaack, Chip R MN No
Kline, John R MN Yes
Paulsen, Erik R MN Yes
Akin, Todd R MO No
Emerson, Jo Ann R MO Yes
Graves, Sam R MO Yes
Hartzler, Vicky R MO No
Long, Billy R MO Yes
Luetkemeyer, Blaine R MO Yes
Harper, Gregg R MS Yes
Nunnelee, Alan R MS Yes
Palazzo, Steven R MS Yes
Rehberg, Denny R MT No
Coble, Howard R NC Yes
Ellmers, Renee R NC Yes
Foxx, Virginia R NC Yes
Jones, Walter R NC No
McHenry, Patrick R NC Yes
Myrick, Sue R NC Yes
Berg, Rick R ND Yes
Fortenberry, Jeff R NE Yes
Smith, Adrian R NE Yes
Terry, Lee R NE Yes
Bass, Charles R NH Yes
Guinta, Frank R NH Yes
Frelinghuysen, Rodney R NJ Yes
Garrett, Scott R NJ No
Lance, Leonard R NJ Yes
LoBiondo, Frank R NJ Yes
Runyan, Jon R NJ Yes
Smith, Chris R NJ Yes
Pearce, Stevan R NM No
Heck, Joe R NV Yes
Buerkle, Ann R NY No
Gibson, Chris R NY Yes
Grimm, Michael R NY Yes
Hanna, Richard R NY Yes
Hayworth, Nan R NY Yes
King, Pete R NY Yes
Reed, Tom R NY Yes
Austria, Steve R OH Yes
Boehner, John R OH Yes
Chabot, Steve R OH Yes
Gibbs, Bob R OH Yes
Johnson, Bill R OH Yes
Jordan, Jim R OH No
LaTourette, Steven R OH Yes
Latta, Robert R OH Yes
Renacci, Jim R OH Yes
Schmidt, Jean R OH Yes
Stivers, Steve R OH Yes
Tiberi, Pat R OH Yes
Turner, Michael R OH No
Cole, Tom R OK Yes
Lankford, James R OK Yes
Lucas, Frank R OK Yes
Sullivan, John R OK Yes
Walden, Greg R OR Yes
Barletta, Lou R PA Yes
Dent, Charles R PA Yes
Fitzpatrick, Michael R PA Yes
Gerlach, Jim R PA Yes
Kelly, Mike R PA Yes
Marino, Tom R PA Yes
Meehan, Pat R PA Yes
Murphy, Tim R PA Yes
Pitts, Joseph R PA Yes
Platts, Todd R PA Yes
Shuster, Bill R PA Yes
Thompson, Glenn R PA Yes
Duncan, Jeff R SC No
Gowdy, Trey R SC No
Mulvaney, Mick R SC No
Scott, Tim R SC No
Wilson, Joe R SC No
Noem, Kristi R SD Yes
Black, Diane R TN Yes
Blackburn, Marsha R TN Yes
DesJarlais, Scott R TN No
Duncan, John R TN Yes
Fincher, Stephen R TN Yes
Fleischmann, Charles R TN No
Barton, Joe R TX Yes
Brady, Kevin R TX Yes
Burgess. Michael R TX Yes
Canseco, Francisco R TX Yes
Carter, John R TX Yes
Conaway, Michael R TX Yes
Culberson R TX Yes
Farenthold, Blake R TX Yes
Flores, Bill R TX Yes
Gohmert, Louie R TX No
Granger, Kay R TX Yes
Hall, Ralph R TX No
Hensarling, Jeb R TX Yes
Johnson, Sam R TX Yes
Marchant, Kenny R TX Yes
McCaul, Michael R TX Yes
Neugebauer, Randy R TX No
Olson, Pete R TX Yes
Paul, Ron R TX No
Poe, Ted R TX No
Roe, Phil R TX Yes
Sessions, Pete R TX Yes
Smith, Lamar R TX Yes
Thornberry, Mac R TX Yes
Bishop, Rob R UT No
Chaffetz, Jason R UT No
Cantor, Eric R VA Yes
Forbes, Randy R VA No
Goodlatte, Robert R VA Yes
Griffith, Morgan R VA No
Hurt, Robert R VA Yes
Rigell, Scott R VA Yes
Wittman, Robert R VA Yes
Wolf, Frank R VA Yes
Hastings, Doc R WA Yes
Herrera Beutler, Jaime R WA Yes
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy R WA Yes
Reichert, Dave R WA Yes
Duffy, Sean R WI Yes
Petri, Tom R WI Yes
Ribble , Reid R WI Yes
Ryan, Paul R WI Yes
Sensenbrenner, James R WI Yes
Capito, Shelley R WV Yes
McKinley, David R WV Yes
Lummis, Cynthia R WY Yes
King, Steve R IA No

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