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Who is seeking and obtaining Obamacare Waivers?

May 20, 2011

Who is seeking Obamacare Waivers?

Almost 40 of the 204 waivers that the White House issued to President Barack Obama’s healthcare law last month went to high-end restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district, The Daily Caller reports.

The waivers granted in Pelosi’s district have little in common with those doled out in the rest of the country, where such passes often have gone to labor union chapters, large corporations, financial firms, and local governments.

One restaurant receiving a waiver is Boboquivari’s in San Francisco, which advertises $59 porterhouse steaks, $39 filet mignons, and $35 crab dinners. Another is Café des Amis, which bills itself as “a timeless Parisian style brasserie . . . located on one of San Francisco’s premier shopping and strolling boulevards, Union Street,” according to the restaurant’s website.

The White House has raised plenty of eyebrows for granting 1,700-plus waivers to its own healthcare reform law.

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My comments:
Aren’t these the very  people the law was designed to H  E  L  P ??

This is the LAW of the land, it’s great deal for EVERYONE! One for all and ALL for One….. Yea!!

Oh, except the company you work for(sorry), and you, and that friend, and those people who gave me money, and MY vested interest(s) which accounted for 18.65% of the exceptions granted last month (38 of the 204 but pay no attention to the FACTS!)…. Just REMEMBER—

This is the LAW of the land, it’s great deal for EVERYONE! One for all and ALL for One.


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